Back in 2014, I set out to make two films, to be resources for different audiences about contemporary art. And here they are!



If you are curious but not confident about contemporary art (and maybe that’s most of us!), this film will give you ideas and tips on how to make the most of a visit to a gallery. Watch the free trailer to give you a flavour…

Download (356 MB)

  • includes download of the film (just under 25mins long)
  • includes a PDF of the script
“I think it’s a great film. I understand what it’s trying to do, it has clarity of purpose and intelligent tips on how to find your own interpretation of a piece of art. Difficult to distill something so complex into such a clear guide.”
Elwen Rowlands, Executive Producer, Bonafide Films

“I thought the film was great. Particular highlights for me were the whole Chapter section – listening to ordinary people ask questions (some silly, some funny) and be curious about the object in front of them without knowing the right answer was perhaps the most valuable bit! Also the summary at the end of the film was really valuable. I feel much better about talking about contemporary art, and I think a lot of people will do!”
Jess Mathews, lecturer

“I love it – it’s light, fresh and easy to watch. The pace is great and the range of scenes you set are perfect.”
Carolyn Black, Director, Flow Contemporary Arts



Download (185 MB)

  • includes download of the film (just under 16mins long)
  • includes a PDF of the script
  • includes What is Criticality cards PDF
“Gills lecture made me really think about the audience and how they respond, and how I can be approaching my work, but I now just feel a huge amount of energy”
Fiona Haines, MFA student

Criticality – what a funny word. It’s often used in relation to making art, but for many students and artists it remains a mystery.This short film explores the notion of criticality and it was delivered as a lecture at Bath Spa School of Art and Design in April 2014 to a small group of BA and MA Fine Art students. You will find it useful if you are a fine art student – or an artist who is struggling to work out how research and criticality can support the work you make.

Its tough being an artist – making work that no one seems to want, trying to understand what you are doing, growing your confidence in understanding yourself as a maker, an artist, a researcher. Today, it is important to be able to frame your work as a critical practice – this film will help you do that.