An update on what lightsgoingon has been doing the last four months…

  • Creating a series of short films that will act as a resource about contemporary art. Haven’t a clue what I am doing, but am working with the wonderful film maker Paul Gilbert; and have had access to the great museums and galleries in Cardiff – the National Museum of Wales, and Chapter. In a few weeks time, we head to Ikon in Birmingham, my old place of work, to continue filming. Such generosity and support from the fantastic people working in these institutions. And Jess Mathews is working with me on these too, acting as listener, advice giver and general all round researcher. We are aiming to get these out (or at least one of them) by the end of the year.
  • Working at Bath Spa University on BA Fine Art and MA Curatorial Practice. I love working there; great students and great team of staff.
  • Visiting lecturer at Plymouth College of Art, delivering two lectures: What Makes A Good Exhibition; and A Return to Beauty?
  • Delivering training to volunteers at RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum) in Exeter, working with the ARTIST ROOMS Gilbert and George exhibition.
  • Delivering training to staff at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery around English Magic, the Venice Biennale show by artist Jeremy Deller.
  • Leading on from this, writing a primary teachers pack about the show.
  • Delivering a Teachers Pack for both primary and secondary for Mead Gallery, at University of Warwick, exploring the Deller curated show ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air’  – (what I don’t know about Jeremy Deller ain’t worth knowing about…)
  • Working with young people at Quay Art on the Isle of Wight, to create a gallery guide in response to the ARTIST ROOMS Martin Creed exhibition.
  • Coaching a number of artists across the South West.

And that’s only a bit of it…!

What is apparent to me, writing this list, is that lightsgoingon invests in people, either by listening to them, or by delivering a range of different approaches and ideas to help others to investigate contemporary art. Exactly what my original business plan set out to do three years ago – very glad to be on track, relevant and useful. Long may it continue!






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